Joint Mukthi Kizhi

Are you tired of the relentless joint pain, spondylitis, lumbago, sciatica, or arthritis that has been holding you back? It's time to experience the healing power of Ayurveda with our revolutionary Joint Mukthi Kizhi, the ultimate solution for joint pain relief and rejuvenation

Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief Potli

Joint Mukthi Kizhi is a potent Ayurvedic composition designed to alleviate a variety of joint-related discomforts. Derived from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, this herbal blend is a powerful ally in your quest for a pain-free, more flexible life. It doesn't just mask the symptoms; it targets the root causes of your discomfort.

Benefits of Joint Mukthi Kizhi

  • Relief from Joint Pains

    Our carefully selected herbal ingredients work harmoniously to provide you with lasting relief from joint pains, whether it's in your knees, shoulders, hips, or any other joint.

  • Effective in Arthritic Conditions

    Joint Mukthi Kizhi is particularly effective for those suffering from arthritis. It addresses the inflammation and discomfort associated with this condition

  • Rejuvenation for Joints and Muscles

    This Ayurvedic potli promotes the rejuvenation of your joints and muscles, helping you regain the strength and mobility you thought was lost

  • Reduces Pain and Swelling

    Joint Mukthi Kizhi aids in reducing pain and swelling in the affected joints, providing you with much-needed relief

The Power of Potli Massage

Potli massage is a time-tested therapy that has been practised for centuries. It's all about harnessing the natural healing properties of various herbs. Joint Mukthi Kizhi contains a unique combination of 12 herbal ingredients, including laccifer lacca, Macrotyloma uniflorum, cedrus deodara, alpinia galanga, and more. These herbs work in synergy to

  • Relieve Pain

    The herbal ingredients in our Kizhi are known for their exceptional pain-relieving properties, especially in arthritic conditions and painful joints.

  • Promote Better Circulation

    The gentle warmth and herbal essence of the potli massage help improve blood circulation, facilitating quicker healing and relaxation

  • Total Relaxation

    A potli massage isn't just about physical benefits. It also has a profound impact on your emotional and mental well-being. It can help relieve tension in your shoulders, neck, and back, bringing your body and mind into harmony.


Heat the Joint Mukthi Liniment in a pan on low heat

Dip the bolus in hot Joint Mukthi Liniment and then rub on the affected part of the body to begin the treatment process

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a more active, pain-free lifestyle with Joint Mukthi Kizhi/ Potli