Joint Mukthi Tablet

Our Joint Mukthi Tablets are meticulously made to deal with the common problems associated with joints and muscles. Whether you suffer from joint pain, swelling, or stiffness, our Ayurvedic Joint Pain remedy offers a holistic solution to rejuvenate your musculoskeletal system

 Ayurvedic Approach to Joint Health

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  • Effective Diuretic Action

    The key to Joint Mukthi Tablet's effectiveness lies in its powerful diuretic properties. With natural ingredients like Celery Extract and Pirandai, our tablets excel in flushing out Uric Acid crystals that tend to accumulate around joints, causing persistent pain and discomfort. This diuretic action helps your body eliminate these toxins, allowing your joints to breathe and move freely once again.

  • Rejuvenation and Promotion of Healthy Joints and Muscles

    Joint Mukthi Tablets go beyond symptom relief. They are formulated to provide holistic care by rejuvenating your joints and muscles. The blend of Ayurvedic ingredients promotes the overall health of your musculoskeletal system, enhancing your mobility and vitality. Say goodbye to creaky joints and muscle fatigue

  • Reduction of Pain and Swelling

    If you're tired of enduring constant pain and swelling in your joints, our tablets are here to help. Joint Mukthi Tablets work effectively to reduce pain and inflammation in your joints, allowing you to lead a more comfortable and active life

Key Ingredients of Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief Tablet

  • Celery Extract

    Known for its potent diuretic properties, Celery Extract plays a crucial role in eliminating Uric Acid crystals that accumulate around joints. This helps in reducing pain and discomfort while promoting overall joint health

  • Pirandai

    Pirandai is another essential component of Joint Mukthi Tablets. It shares the diuretic action of Celery Extract and assists in flushing out Uric Acid crystals. Additionally, Pirandai has a soothing effect on the nervous system, which helps relax muscles and alleviate tension


One tablet two times a day after food

Rediscover the joy of living life without the hindrance of joint discomfort. Experience the magic of Joint Mukthi Tablets, and let your joints and muscles thrive once again.